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The Florida Department of Corrections operates state prisons in the U.S. state of Florida. It has its headquarters in Florida's capital of Tallahassee.

The Florida Department of Corrections operates the third largest state prison system and one of the lowest paid in the United States. It is the largest agency administered by the State of Florida, with a budget of $2.4 billion, over 95,000 Prisoners incarcerated and another 115,000+ offenders on some type of community supervision.

The Florida Department of Corrections has 143 facilities statewide, including 43 major institutions, 33 work camps, 15 Annexes, 20 work release centers and 6 road prisons/forestry camps. 

WE believe that by supporting those incarcerated it  helps with the rehabilitation process. Our Goal is to allow our friends and supporters an opportunity to help rebuild our community through love & guidance to our incarcerated Brothers & Sisters. What we do is strictly for the empowerment of those incarcerated by way of solid communication & growth.


A national survey has shown between the years of 2012-2017 that ex prisoners who where able to maintain meaningful contact with society & connect with sincere people were less likely to return to a life of crime, drugs & other negative behavior. 95% of prisoners will be released from prison of which 67% will reenter the Prison system ,  Studies have shown that 40% of Prisoners have little to no knowledge on how to read the Bible. We want to change that by Spreading the Love of God 

our Vision 

To Spread the Love of Christ ,  We minister by way of mail we  send  letters, Seasonal Cards, Birthday Cards, Thinking of you Cards, Bibles with Concordances, and Daily Devotionals to those Incarcerated. 

Our MIssion & future goals! 

Prison Prevention Program (PPP). Our Mission for the Prison Prevention Program is to reach out to the troubled Youth by Hands On Counseling & Community Assistance By Anthony Smith Transportation Services

Holiday and Special Event Packages Delivery

Legal Services

Re-Entry Counseling Services

Providing trade programs for Prisoners once home+ like CDL, PLUMBING , MECHANIC , ELECTRICIAN , CARPENTRY.

Executive director

Claudeth M Santiago, Executive Director of Rehabilitate Through Christ Prison Ministry, Inc has a Ministry Degree with The Lord’s Outreach International  and is also an Ordained Minister with Christian National Church. She has her Home Health Aid Certification since 2003 and is a Certified Nurse Aide since 2015. She is the owner of FLYGUYPHOTOSHOP, an Online company assisting families with Sending cards to Incarcerated family members.

She is  Married  to Anthoy Smith together they have 8 children. She was inspired to create this nonprofit because of a car ride one day to visit her now Husband Anthony Smith who was Incarcerated.

Claudeth Santiago

Her Story

"One day while driving to visit my loved one, I picked up a woman who was the mother whose son was incarcerated. She had not seen her son in 4 years but when I pick her up I didn't know she was a burned victim from head to toe.  I never imagined that day would change my life. While driving she told me her life story and how she had burns over her body. She was in a house fire during her recovery she got pregnant with her son, the same son we were driving to visit. 


Upon arriving at the prison, I was present when her son saw her and the tears just flowed for all of us. Her son crying told everyone around him including the guards that this was his mom and it was so emotional to watch. In prison you feel alone so visiting with family is so important. I know that we are not born evil, and most of us are a product of our environment . I thought maybe I can so something, so this is how I started my business, FLYGUY PHOTOSHOP.


I knew I needed to do more so I then decided that creating a nonprofit would help me  reach out to Prisoner's by sending them Card's , letter's , Bibles , Devotionals and probably in the future assist Families who are unable to travel to see there loved ones. 

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