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Everyone needs support - especially when we've made bad choices.  Supporting prisoners while they make amends for their poor choices will help with recidivism.  

The Bible Speaks on the Rapture & Tribulation Period  and how many will be left Behind because of not  having a Relationship with Christ. 


We at RTC don't want anyone left behind and this is  is why we are pursuing Prisoners.  We want them to know that they are not forgotten, they are not alone.


We pursue them one at time, thru mail... because many prisons won't, can't or will need attend Church services.  So we deliver Christ to them.


To Spread the Love of Christ


To help rebuild our community by restoring our incarcerated Brothers and Sisters thru loving and consistent communication reaffirming their worth in Christ.



WE believe that by supporting those incarcerated it  helps with the rehabilitation process. Our Goal is to allow our friends and supporters an opportunity to help rebuild our community through love & guidance to our incarcerated Brothers & Sisters. What we do is strictly for the empowerment of those incarcerated by way of solid communication & growth.



We minister by way of mail.  We  send  letters, Seasonal Cards, Birthday Cards, Thinking of you Cards, Bibles with Concordances, and Daily Devotionals to those Incarcerated. 

FEED THE STREETS :Every two Months we head out to the streets & minister by feeding those in need,  giving them book bags with Personal Items like deoderant, sanitizers , toothpaste , tooth brush , sanitary napkins , lotion, ect .


  • Prison Prevention Program (PPP). Our Mission for the Prison Prevention Program is to reach out to the troubled Youth by Hands On Counseling & Community Assistance & Transportation Services

  • Holiday and Special Event Packages Delivery

  • Legal Services

  • Re-Entry Counseling Services

  • Providing trade training programs for Prisoners after release such as CDL, Plumbing, Mechanic, Electrician, Carpentry 

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