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Executive Director

Claudia has a Master's Degree in Theology with The Lord’s Outreach International.  She is an Ordained Minister with the Christian National Church and an Ordained Chaplain with Inter-America's Chaplains Association.


​She is a single Mother of 5 children  & works as a Medical Assiatnt  & is CNA , CPR instructor & Phlebotomist.   

Claudia was inspired to create this nonprofit because of a car ride one day to visit a friend she had that was Incarcerated.

My Story

One day while driving to visit my loved one, I picked up a woman whose son was incarcerated at the same jail. She had not seen her son in 4 years.  She was a burn victim and the scars covered her entire body.  When we got to the prison and she got to see her son, we were all crying.  Her son cried and told everyone that this was his mom.  He told the other visitors, the other prisoners, the guards - everyone.   It was so emotional to watch.


RTCPrisonMinistry became a yearning that God placed in my heart after spending 3 days in a county jail.   During that brief stay, I heard many groans and complaints about not getting mail.  I realized that it was not really about the mail - it was about connection, and feeling that someone cared. The Pain of the lack of Support stayed with me!

In prison you feel alone; that's why getting visits or mail from family and friends are so important for the prisoners to feel connected.  I knew I needed to do something.  So I started RTC Prison Ministry by sending cards , letters , Bibles, devotionals and books 

I knew I needed to do more so I then decided that creating a nonprofit would help me  reach out to Prisoner's by sending them Card's , letter's , Bibles , Devotionals, & book donated by author's .

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